Connecting, Inspiring, Equipping and Propelling
Coaches and Athletes To Acheive Significance

  • Christian is a wonderful coach and leadership trainer. He took on working with my son to help him develop his leadership and communication skills. The results were fantastic. Over the course of a few weeks, I could see my son becoming a better communicator with adults and becoming a leader with his teammates. When you work with Christian you will receive inspiration and activities that allow you to improve on a continual basis. Christian is a Coach who will believe in you.
  • Coach DeVries is a mentor, leader, and most of all a friend of mine. Through his leadership and generosity I was given the opportunity to grow as an athlete, student, but most of all into a confident man. I owe a lot to him as a coach, the values he instills in his players and students are changes that last a lifetime.
    Tyler Simpson
  • Christian is a very focused leader utilizing his skills in listening, analyzing, and problem-solving. I attended just one of Christian's "connection" workshops and I continue to learn from the experience, often improving my communications by remembering his lessons.
    Mark Thompson
  • Christian is a dedicated leader in the sports profession. He possesses a thorough understanding of leadership and program development within intercollegiate athletics. He understands college athletics and the dynamics involved in helping student-athletes be successful. Christian's knowledge, experience and passion for developing people through sport continue to make him a successful leader in the sports industry.
    Jim Hall
  • I had the pleasure of witnessing Coach DeVries mentor and coach both of my high school boys in club and high school soccer. It was amazing to see him use leadership and business techniques to teach and lead both of these teams. He used the DISC personality assessment to adapt his teaching and communication styles to different players and the teams as a whole to improve player skill and leadership.
    Chris Ashcraft
  • Some people who are good at what they do. Some people are passionate about what they do. Every once in a while you are fortunate to come across a person who is both passionate about what they do AND are very good at what they do as well. Christian is part of that elite group.
    Chris Rollins
  • Christian stands tall at the crossroads of two important bodies of knowledge - soccer and professional coaching. This unique combination of understanding make Christian a tremendous blessing to soccer clubs, schools, and other related institutions.  He knows the game. He knows that mastery of the game is about information processing and decision making. He can teach players and coaches to maximize their performance. That's pretty cool.
    Ed DeCosta

"The true measure of leadership is influence - Nothing more, Nothing less"
-John Maxwell.