Developing Character Skills One
Kick, Throw, Hit, Run, and Jump at a Time

The heroes in my life could not leap tall buildings, stop runaway trains or fly faster than the speed of sound, but they gave the strongest hugs, spoke the most powerful of words, challenged me to the biggest of tasks, and set an example of what a real hero looked like! The heroes in my life were difference-makers who taught me that I could make a difference, too! My heroes believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. My heroes challenged me to live beyond my own limits and the limits others put on me. My heroes taught me that I was born to make a difference in the world. And, so are you!

The HERO Builder focuses on laying a character foundation by creating a culture that reflects possibility thinking rather than preventative thinking. The HERO Builder encourages your players to live into the characteristics of the hero that is within them, an give you to tools to devleop those character skills.

As educators, youth leaders, coaches and parents, we have the opportunity to model for our students what it looks like to be somebody’s hero. The HERO Builder provides the tools and resources needed to create the positive culture you desire for your players to become difference-makers in their schools, communities and homes.

It is my desire for The HERO Builder to help students, players and coaches be the best version of themselves they can be. Doing something good to get a trophy, a gold star or temporary recognition is fine. But, being good because it’s who you are provides a lifetime of achievements a gold star can’t touch. It is teaching our players that a life of significance starts by intentionally living the characteristics of a hero daily.

Let’s make a difference and build some heroes!