The “must hear” podcast for the coach, athlete, administrator, and sports fan who wants to dig deep beyond just the X’s and O’s. This show keeps pace with the most successful influencers in the sports world and delivers insight on the highly effective habits leading to their “ah-ha” moments. Each week we discuss the 5 “Must Do'” activities that the most successful coaches and individuals have in common.

  • They have mentor or coach – We ask: What have you learned from your mentors?
  • They all have EMBRACED failure and adversity – We ask: How have you grown through adversity and failure?
  • They are always reading and leaning – We ask: What is your favorite book and why?
  • They all have daily rituals or habits – We ask: What do you do daily to make sure you are always moving toward success?
  • They all leave a LEGACY – We ask: What do you know that we need to know in order to grow?

Finally, we provide you with ACTION QUESTIONS to move you toward Peak Performance in your personal life, professional career and with the teams you coach.  Join VOLTA every Tuesday when we release a new episode. You can subscribe to the show through VOLTA, iTunes, or an RSS feed. Individual episodes can be download.  All past episodes with the FULL PODCAST NOTES are available below.


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