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VOLTA was founded in 2015 by Christian DeVries after a twenty-year career in collegiate athletics. VOLTA’s empower teams and individuals to achieve SIGNIFICANCE on and off the field though Recruiting Education, Coaching Education, Sports Camps, and Mission Trips.

“There is no passion to be found in playing small- in settling for a life that is less than on you a capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela


VOLTA was started on the concept that TODAY MATTERS. I focused on TODAY MATTERS because today holds the key your success, the key to living your dreams, the key to your well-being.  Often when we talk about yesterday, we exaggerate the experiences or outcome, whether they are good or bad.  Focusing on tomorrow is dangerous also. Too much focus on tomorrow will take energy away from today.  We often overestimate the possibility for tomorrow, setting us up for failure and disappointment.  When we don’t put enough stock into TODAY, we risk not the action to move toward our dreams.

VOLTA is focused on connecting, inspiring, equipping and propelling individuals and teams to take action TODAY to live a life of Significance.


1990-2015 – Christian DeVries prepared for VOLTA as family man, college soccer coach, college professor, mentor, athletic administrator, and friend.

April 2015 – Founder Christian DeVries steps away from coaching college soccer after 20 years to focus on coaching coaches beyond the Xs and Os.

May 2015 – VOLTA Sports LLC is registered with State of Alabama and www.voltacoach.com  goes live.

August 2015 – Christian DeVries is certified as John Maxwell Team Leadership coach, trainer, and speaker.

March 2016 – Rollie Bullock and Brian Wagner join the VOLTA Team.

August 2016 – Matt DeVries and Boyd Hamlin join the VOLTA Team.

September 2016 – VOLTA Sports becomes VOLTA Sports and Leadership Development Group with offices in AL, AZ, ND, and TN.

May 2017 – VOLTA relocates the headquarters to Peoria, AZ from Mobile, AL.

June 2017  – VOLTA becomes a Founding Member of the Solving Soccer Alliance 

July 2017 – Christian DeVries and Boyd Hamlin release THE MIGHTY series. A devotional uniting scripture and sports to bring out the mighty in you.

January 2018 – VOLTA releases the “Recruiting Education” platform in the ATHETLES OF SIGNIFICANCE.