October 12, 2017
April 20, 2018


How does praying help an athlete win a game? What does Jesus have to do with sports? Does God care about who wins games? During the Super Bowl, there were Christian players on both teams. Did the Patriots not pray as much or as hard as the Eagles? Why do players and teams pray before games? Why do athletes thank God for winning Championships and awards and accolades?

When an athlete thanks or praises Jesus, it is not saying that God cares about who won or that Jesus Himself has anything to do with the victory. These athletes are just using sports and the opportunity that they have been blessed with to give thanks and spread the word of God.

This was demonstrated by Nick Fohls in an interview with CBN News, the Eagles quarterback shares his mission that extends beyond the field.  The football field is not the platform, it is merely the conduit at this time in his life.  The platform is in his faith in Jesus Christ.

“I want to be a pastor in a high school,” Foles said on Thursday before the Super Bowl. “It’s on my heart. I took a leap of faith last year and signed up to take classes at seminary. I wanted to continue to learn and challenge my faith. It’s a challenge because you are writing papers that are biblically correct. You want to impact people’s hearts.”

“When I speak to (students), that’s such a time of young men and young women’s lives that there’s a lot of things that are thrown at them. So much temptation in this world, so much going on with social media and the internet that you want to talk to them and address it and share all the weaknesses I have because I’ve fallen many times,” Foles said. “It’s something I want to do. I can’t play football forever. I’ve been blessed with an amazing platform and it’s just a door God has opened, but I still have a lot of school left and a long journey.”

In the Athlete of Significance, I talk about FAITH as one of the traits of SIGNIFICANCE.  The benefits of an athlete that demonstrates Faith in their sports journey can be seen in Nick Fohls.

Benefits being having Faith:

  1. You will have more faith in self by showing your faith in others.
  2. You will be a go-to person for encouragement, empowering.
  3. Faith encourages healthy behaviors.
  4. Faith reduces stress.
  5. Faith opens the doors to great opportunities through self-awareness.

As a believer, I pray with my teams before each game.  I don’t ask God to bring us victory, I thank Him for the opportunities to compete, to be great teammates for each other and for the strength to learn through adversity and success.  It is my faith and sharing of my faith with others, on which stronger relationships are built.  The best teams are built on relationships.

Christian DeVries is the founder and executive director of VOLTA Sports and Leadership Development Group. VOLTA offers a unique approach to developing ATHLETES OF SIGNIFICANCE, through Recruiting Education, Coaching Education, Sports Leadership Camps, and Mission Trips.  VOLTA provides interactive workshops, peer mentoring, executive coaching and eLearning platforms. With over 25 years of college coaching and athletic administration, Christian and VOLTA team can help connect, inspire, equip and propel your team to achieve peak performance in today’s competitive environment. For more information, click here: VOLTA


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