October 6, 2017
February 5, 2018


I watched “Man of Steel” for the 5th time and have caught one line every time. “You’re not just anyone, you were sent here for a reason.” Another line that stood out was, “In time you will accomplish wonders.” Wow! That’s good stuff! We were all sent here for a reason and, in time, will accomplish the wonders we were purposed to display in our lives. But, did you catch it? IN TIME! It won’t just happen, but the daily development of why we were sent here will be one day revealed for the world to see! AND, THE MIGHTY can help you daily develop your story! Get the book! Or, should I say, GET THE BOOKS as they are released! The goal of THE MIGHTY devotion is to bring out the MIGHTY in YOU!

Often times we look at others who are living out a great story and think, “Man, I wish their story was mine.” Seldom do we realize that within each of us there is a powerful story to be told by US. You are the only person who can write and tell your story. Where do I start? What do I write? How can I help others through my story? Some of the answers can be found in looking back on the stories of those we admire, aspire to be like or have characteristics that we would like displayed in our own life. THE MIGHTY devotions don’t tell you how to live out someone else’s story but provide you the opportunity to begin writing and living out your own story. Do you realize that the greatest story ever told is your own? Let us help you start the process of writing your story, today!


For the month of October, you can purchase Volume 1 of THE MIGHTY for only $4.99.  Use Coupon Code volta499

THE MIGHTY is a great opportunity to help you begin writing the greatest story ever told by looking back on the ‘traits from the greats’. Looking at their challenges, changes and victories that helped people like Noah, Moses, and David write the best stories with their lives they could possibly write can help you in writing your story.

Book Boyd Hamlin or Christian DeVries to speak at your youth group, youth event or church today. Let’s get started – YOU HAVE WONDERS TO ACCOMPLISH! Let us help bring out the MIGHTY in YOU!

Christian DeVries is the founder and executive director of VOLTA Sports and Leadership Development Group. VOLTA offers a unique three-pronged approach to, coaching, playing and sports leadership beyond the Xs and Os.  VOLTA provides interactive workshops, peer mentoring, executive coaching and an eLearning platform. With over 25 years of college coaching and athletic administration, Christian and VOLTA team can help connect, inspire, equip and propel your team to achieve peak performance in today’s competitive environment. For more information, click here: VOLTA

Boyd Hamlin is the Director of Program Development for  VOLTA Sports and Leadership Development Group. Boyd brings over 25 years in Student Ministry and Leading Youth to Change the World. For more information, click here: VOLTA

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