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John Maxwell and Jim Dornan said it well in the book, “Becoming A Person Of Influence”, when they wrote, “The breadth of your influence on others relates directly to the depth of your concern for them”. Nurturing provides the fuel for a person’s tank to go further down life’s road. Most of the world has run out of gas, functioning on fumes or parked on the side of the road because their life is on “E”!

People don’t need a self-serve gas station experience – when you’re out of gas it’s difficult to fill yourself back up. You need a full-service gas station experience. When my dad was a young man, he worked at a full-service gas station. When a customer pulled in, a bell rang indicating that someone was in need of a fill-up. My dad would check the oil, tire pressure, wash the windshield and even provide a trash bag for your trash while you waited for your tank to be filled up. But, it was more than your tank that got filled up. Dad tells a story of an elderly lady who needed a fill-up. She drove into the station, asked for my dad. When she was told that he was off for the day, she left. The next day she returned when dad was on-duty and expressed her joy to see him. He filled her car’s tank and her heart every time she pulled into the station. He showed her that she was more than a customer, but a person to be cared for. When you care for people, they will come to you to be filled-up so they can tackle the next stretch of road before them.

Your players need the same full-service experience. Their fuel – Affirmation, Affection, Acceptance, Availability, Accountability, Award (Recognition), Respect, Hope, Help, Encouragement, Equipping and a little humor to top it off.

Greeting – HUMOR – I’m not talking about slap-stick stupidity! I’m talking about a greeting that breaks down walls and allows one to connect with others. Fun draws people to you in a way that communicates, “I’m here to help you”.

Windshield – ENCOURAGE – We get a lot of negative bugs on our life’s windshield. Positive words reassure us and clear the way for a person to see that they matter.

Tires/Oil Change – EQUIP – When your tires are filled with air and the dipstick shows even with the mark, you gain a confidence that you can go a few extra miles. Equipping others is key in helping them get where they are going.

Trash bag – HELPFUL – Providing a trash bag helps a person know there’s a place to put the trash they accumulate. As a coach, you can provide the opportunity for you players to empty their garage. They don’t have to hang onto it. Help them throw it away!

When you genuinely care for others, you fill their tank with every encounter. If we nurture them properly, they will never need roadside assistance.

Boyd Hamlin is the Director of Program Development for  VOLTA Sports and Leadership Development Group. VOLTA offers a unique three-pronged approach to, coaching, playing and sports leadership beyond the Xs and Os.  VOLTA provides interactive workshops, peer mentoring, executive coaching and an eLearning platform. Boyd brings over 25 years in Student Ministry encouraging, equipping, empowering students and leaders to excel beyond their known potential, to reach and exceed their personal goals, and to lead and serve others. For more information, click here: VOLTA


About the Author Christian DeVries

As the founder and CEO of VOLTA Sports and Leadership, DeVries has developed the premier coaching, recruiting and sports leadership program called, AOS – The Athlete of Significance. The AOS Platform is a comprehensive eLearning platform for coaches, student-athletes, and parents who are engaged in, or are getting ready to start, the college recruiting process. The AOS Program is not your standard college advisory program. AOS will go beyond just placing a student-athlete in front of college coaches. AOS will help the student-athletes prepare for the ultimate goal of presenting their significance to the coaches.