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In this eBook, “FROM THE PITCH TO THE BOARDROOM,” I will share with you some helpful tips to move you from a life of success to a life of significance. When you take the first step in applying these principles to your team, whether on the sports field or in corporate America, you will immediately sense a paradigm shift.


If you ask 20 coaches the question, “What makes your team successful?” you will likely receive 20 different answers. Over the years, I have encountered both successful and unsuccessful sports seasons. Through this lens I have identified 5 keys to success:

  • Playing in the zone.
  • Seeking input from others.
  • Being open to new perspectives.
  • Focus on people, not results.
  • Having a simple process to set goals.

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Christian DeVries is the founder and executive director of VOLTA Sports and Leadership Development Group. VOLTA offers a unique three-pronged approach to, coaching, playing and sports leadership beyond the Xs and Os.  VOLTA provides interactive workshops, peer mentoring, executive coaching and an eLearning platform. With over 25 years of college coaching and athletic administration, Christian and VOLTA team can help connect, inspire, equip and propel your team to achieve peak performance in today’s competitive environment. For more information, click here: VOLTA

About the Author Christian DeVries

As the founder and CEO of VOLTA Sports and Leadership, DeVries has developed the premier coaching, recruiting and sports leadership program called, AOS – The Athlete of Significance. The AOS Platform is a comprehensive eLearning platform for coaches, student-athletes, and parents who are engaged in, or are getting ready to start, the college recruiting process. The AOS Program is not your standard college advisory program. AOS will go beyond just placing a student-athlete in front of college coaches. AOS will help the student-athletes prepare for the ultimate goal of presenting their significance to the coaches.