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A colleague and good friend, Ryan Hodgson, recently posed the following question.

“You have just become a Director of Coaching (DOC) of a club of 1000 kids. 600 competitive. 400 recreational. U4-U19 both boys and girls. You own your own facility and have a small Budget for coaching staff. What’s your first 100 day objective?!?!?”

All successful organizations, including sports organizations that I work with, have one key component, a plan. Great business executives know the importance of developing a 30-60-90 plan upon entering a new position with a company. This should be no different for a new DOC of any sports organization.

As the “Executive” of the coaching staff, the most important thing you can do is – ASK QUESTIONS. Great leaders ask questions. A 30-60-90 day plans provides the environment to evaluate and ask questions.

First 30 Days

The first 30 days of your plan should usually be focused learning about the current environment of the club. Have questions prepared and have meaningful discussions, listening to board members, coaches, parents, and even players. Most of the items in your 30-day plan should be along the lines of attending trainings, understanding current curriculum, meeting other members of the club you will work with directly, and/or review past spending and budgetary accounts. These will help you understand the club and formulate the questions necessary for change.

Second 30 Days (the 60 Day part)

The next 30 days should be focused around coaches and learning how they operate. You might want to run some practice sessions in the various age groups to gain an understanding of the player’s current knowledge of the game. Talk with the team managers, they have the pulse of the team and parents. The main point during this period is getting feedback in order to develop your plan for future “Coaching Development.” Remember to ask questions and actively listen to responses. You will gain champions for your cause when you listen to your team members. It is also critical to evaluate how you tracked in your first 30 days and make adjustments as needed.

The Last 30 Days (the 90 Day part)

The last 30 days start the process of “putting your mark on the club.” By now, you should be up to speed, your understand the landscape of the club and you are starting to make some necessary changes. This 90-day section really highlights what you’re bringing to the club. What can you do for them to help them strive to be successful on all levels? By the time you get to this point, your board of directors will have the big picture of what you are bringing to the club … and already thinking about implementing any changes you have in store. Again, look back at the last 60 days. Did you accomplish all that you set out to do? Do you have to adjust your plan in order to continue momentum? Continue to ask pointed questions and truly listen to the answers, using your skills as a leader to build trust.

Question yourself……

One trait that all successful business leaders have is asking themselves important questions each day. As the DOC and executive member of the club administration, you should be asking yourself questions so you are able to stay relevant and grow individually as you grow your coaches.

Download “The Sports Executive Guide to Questions: 10 Daily Questions for Success.”

Christian DeVries is the founder and executive director of VOLTA Sports and Leadership Development Group. VOLTA offers a unique three-pronged approach to leadership development for those in sports, those who like sports, and anyone who can gain insight and direction from sports. Though interactive workshops, peer mentoring, executive coaching and an eLearning platform, the VOLTA team can help propel your team to achieve peak performance in today’s competitive environment. For more information, click here: VOLTA

Ryan Hodgson is the Founder and Director of Coaching for US Coaches Club. US Coaches Club is a company dedicated solely to the education of youth soccer coaches. They provide both theory and practical coach education sessions that fits into any volunteer coaches schedule. Youth soccer organizations can customize their own education curriculum and implement it over any period of time. For more information, click here: US Coaches Club

About the Author Christian DeVries

As the founder and CEO of VOLTA Sports and Leadership, DeVries has developed the premier coaching, recruiting and sports leadership program called, AOS – The Athlete of Significance. The AOS Platform is a comprehensive eLearning platform for coaches, student-athletes, and parents who are engaged in, or are getting ready to start, the college recruiting process. The AOS Program is not your standard college advisory program. AOS will go beyond just placing a student-athlete in front of college coaches. AOS will help the student-athletes prepare for the ultimate goal of presenting their significance to the coaches.