Spead the Word


VOLTA Sports and Leadership believes that Sports is a universal language we can all understand.  As a society, we are impacted by sports every day, even when we are not looking for it. The lessons, values, and insights we are exposed to through sports provide us the tools we need to lead those we encounter every day. As an athlete, a coach, a parent, a student, a business owner, a teacher, these are lessons that everyone can embrace.  The VOLTA Playbook is a culmination of over 50 years of athletic coaching and adminstration in youth sports and college athletics. 

About the Author Christian DeVries

As the founder and CEO of VOLTA Sports and Leadership, DeVries has developed the premier coaching, recruiting and sports leadership program called, AOS – The Athlete of Significance. The AOS Platform is a comprehensive eLearning platform for coaches, student-athletes, and parents who are engaged in, or are getting ready to start, the college recruiting process. The AOS Program is not your standard college advisory program. AOS will go beyond just placing a student-athlete in front of college coaches. AOS will help the student-athletes prepare for the ultimate goal of presenting their significance to the coaches.